Introducing our Communications Director

Alexis Collier - Communications Director

Alexis Collier - Communications Director

We want to share some exciting news!
We have hired Alexis Collier for our new position, Marketing Communications Director. Alexis has been with Zao since the spring of 2014, when she was serving as our summer intern. She has since served in various roles with Zao; staff guide, lead guide, and assistant program co-ordinator. As of October 2018 she has taken on the role of Marketing Communications Director, and is now the main contact for Zao year-round. If you happen to see her at your church, or pass her on a trail feel free to say hello and talk to her about the exciting things Zao is doing.

Alexis has a Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Leadership from Columbia Bible College, and is certified with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides as an Apprentice Hiking Guide.  

Alexis is originally from Alberta, however something about the awe of the ocean and the mountains has given her a permanent love for BC. 

Alexis has been involved in summer camp ministry for many years in BC and Alberta. Some of her favorite outdoor activities include skiing, kayaking, and hiking. Alexis lives with her husband, Mack, in Black Creek and works at Mt. Washington Alpine Resort as a professional ski patroller during the winter season. She holds advanced wilderness first aid and OFA Level 3.

Alexis believes in the need for outdoor ministry and desires to share her love of creation with others and walk beside people as they experience the excitement of a new adventure in the wild. She has a passion for learning the stories of those around her and getting to know people. She is a joy to be around, thanks to her capable leadership skills, attentive eye, and infectious optimism.

Feel free to get in touch with her to chat about ways that you or your organization could partner with Zao. | 1.403.975.1993. |

Box 879, Crofton, BC, V0R 1R0

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