Family Camps: Giving You Time to Spend With Your Kids

There is something special about parents and kids sharing a multi-day adventure. When we ran a Mothers and Sons alpine camp last year, we received an abundance of gratitude from the parents because we provided the gift of time. They travelled together, climbed a mountain together, ate and laughed together, and even had "duo time" in a pristine subalpine meadow, away from usual distractions. 

“I always felt like there wasn’t enough time for the things that really counted.”
— Suzanne Crocker

For nine months, filmmaker Suzanne Crocker, her husband Gerard Parsons, and their three children, made themselves at home in the isolated wilderness of Yukon. They arrived there in August of 2010, and settled in for the long winter together... along with their two cats, and their dog Max. --Source: CBC's The Current

This award-winning documentary is playing the festival circuit, and will be released to the public soon. 

Most of us don't have the opportunity to disappear into the wild with our family for a year, but we can give you the gift of time over the course of a few days. Consider getting in touch with us about a family trip; if we have a few interested parent/child parties we can put together a trip for you. Ages 10 and up for multi-day trips, and we're hoping to add family rock climbing day-programs on the Island this summer. 1-780-995-6415

Participating in your family camp was a great opportunity for me and my son to enjoy some quality one-on-one time together, while embarking on a new and exciting experience. It was the perfect balance of enjoying nature without having to worry about all the fine details and be able to focus on building new memories.
— Kristi, parent on our 2015 Family Camp