Welcome to Guide Leadership Training!

This page is for GLT participants and parents, and will be updated regularly with more details and information relating to our inaugural GLT program.

Last updated June 2018


We've been waiting for you.

For a number of years, Jon Lampard (Wildside) and Mattias Morrison (Zao) both had vision for a guide training program for youth and young adults that intersects with gospel-centred camp leadership training. When they sat down in the fall of 2016 to debrief the summer season and plan ahead, it was a natural fit to have both camp ministries partner for this type of training program. Over the winter we were overwhelmed with outstanding applicants and interest, so we are really excited for what lies ahead. We think there is a need—and an interest—for this kind of leadership training.

Servant Leadership Development & Outdoor Skill Development
— Primary goals of GLT

Our vision for GLT is to deliver an 11-day leadership camp filled with learning experiences that focus in on two primary goals: Servant Leadership Development and Outdoor Skill Development. Upon completion of GLT, participants will be qualified to be apprentice guides with either Zao or Wildside. They will also have outdoor leadership certification and leadership experiences that will be an asset for work in other fields. This is no small thing!

To that end, participants and instructors will be digging into God's word and exploring some theory and theology around serving, guiding, and leading campers. We will pay particular attention to Jesus' rhythm of ministry, as well as scripture references relating to shepherds and shepherding—these are helpful illustrations for feeding and guarding the heart of the outdoor guide. Our desire is to go much deeper than "fun in the forest," therefore we will be scratching at the purpose of wilderness camp ministry... "what exactly are we doing here?" We will cover some basic learning theory and set up opportunities to practice techniques that will help budding leaders assist programs and outdoor adventure activities.

Indeed, this is a guide training program, meaning participants will be learning outdoor leadership skills and even receive certification from the Outdoor Council of Canada. GLT participants will develop outdoor skill competencies in the following areas:

  • guiding and leading groups in the field (certificate)
  • assessing risk, how to use "perceived risk," 
  • rock climbing/belaying
  • overnight hiking programs
  • flat water canoe skills
  • cave guiding (certificate) 
  • wilderness camping and cooking techniques
  • trip planning including logistics and program goals
  • backcountry cooking and meal prep/planning
  • basic emergency response and handling accidents
  • working on a guide leadership team

You are likely to have questions. Please feel free to contact either Jon Lampard imadenewildside@gmail.com or Adam Strong adam.m.strong@live.com. As we add information to this page, we will be updating you. We look forward to being with you this summer.

Jon and Adam, GLT Directors

 some guides planning some food

some guides planning some food

You're in GLT. Now what?

Congrats! We're thrilled to have you aboard! 

Your next steps are to:

  1. Register and pay for the training program. Call the Imadene office at 1-250-749-6606 or toll free at 1-800-445-7575
  2. Fill out the forms—Imadene Health Form and Consent Form (they'll send it to you after you register) and send them back.
  3. Join the conversation on the GLT Facebook Group. You'll be able to introduce yourself and meet the instructors. This is not a requirement, but it's going to be helpful.

Things we are working on and will add soon:

  • Instructor Bios
  • more detailed schedule
  • resource section to supplement GLT program learning

Where and when

July 1-13, 2018. Wildside, Camp Imadene

GLT will be run from the Wildside property of Camp Imadene. July 1 drop-off will be at 2:00pm the canoe beach on the main camp imadene site: 9175 South Shore Road (see map above) which is about a 45 minute drive, 35Km west of Duncan, BC on hwy 18. Pick-up on July 13 will be at 2:00pm a the same location. 

Our basecamp will be at Wildside, and we will use off-site locations for many of our training elements as day-trips. The Wildside property is road accessible, and parents will be able to contact their kids in the event of an emergency. 

Wildside has some FAQ on this page. Don't pay too much attention to their packing list—click the GLT list below to view the packing list document.