Announcing Mobile Rock Climbing Programs!

She peered beyond the trembling instep of her rubber-clad foot to the ground 7 metres below. Her perspective high above her friends made them look like small, compressed garden gnomes topped with colourful round helmets. Her fingers ached as they  smeared against the stone but she could hear the shouts of encouragement from peers below, and she could see her belayer had a firm grip of the rope, ready to catch a fall... she didn't feel exactly brave or safe, yet she knew that somehow she was secure despite the the stressful pit of anxiety in her gut. She made the decision to press on upward, feeling bound yet feeling strangely unbound and free...


As outdoor professionals who seek to bring the gospel as we facilitate experiences like this one... we know that there are few better experiences that allow inroads for gospel truths like rock climbing experiences. Skilled facilitators can use themes like trust, hope, fear and family both in the moment, and later, during activity debriefing. Hour for hour, there is no other activity experience I know of that allows this level of depth

There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes effort putting the pieces together for our new experiential rock climbing programs, and today we are able to make it official.  Spring/Summer 2015 will see Zao leading experiential outdoor rock climbing programs for youth and adults! 

We will be able to facilitate rock climbing programs for youth groups, staff team building, small groups, etc. Our max group size will be 8 - 10 participants, and we will be fully mobile with our new 15-passenger van.

Special thanks to the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada Opportunity Grant that we applied for and received last year-- this wouldn't have been possible without their investment in our ministry. Our basecamp improvements, our van, and now equipment for this program are huge blessings to us, and ultimately to those who we will serve.

Contact Alexis if you're interested in booking a group with us, or if you are interested in finding out more information. Pricing to follow on our program page.