and away we go . . .

It's been an honour and a joy to be developing Zao over the past 8 months.  It's been a joy mainly because I now get to hear from many people who also see the vital importance and value of an outdoor ministry to young people.  Who knew there were so many of us?  I'm beginning to see some real benefit in connecting these folks with one another so that we can develop some real momentum as Zao grows.

The website went live today, and though it's not completely polished, the most important details are posted and formatted.  So far my work with Zao has been completely diverse and dynamic-- from social media and web development to intern recruitment to budget planning to insurance applications to policy writing and then back to partnering with other local ministries . . . it may be a welcome change when Spring hits and we get to plan gospel program and trip logistics!

For now, feel free to chime in on the comments about anything related to our progress. We value your feedback.

Next post will hopefully contain an exciting announcement about a contract and partnership with a group of BC high school students. Stay tuned.